Thriving Lawyers works with bar organizations and law schools to apply the insights of positive psychology to increase lawyer thriving, effectiveness, and professionalism. Our big goal is to move the profession in a more positive direction for the benefit of both practitioners and society.

The practice of law presents five unique challenges to lawyer thriving, right now the challenges are overwhelming many lawyers. Depression, for example, has repeatedly been measured at two to four times the average found in the non-lawyer population, and attorneys were the most depressed profession out of 104 included in a Johns Hopkins study. Lawyers also rack up startlingly high ratings for anxiety, cynicism, and aggression. Alcohol and other dependencies are far too common. Marriages, families, and communities sometimes feel the effects of low thriving in lawyers and often miss receiving the best that a lawyer's knowledge and skills could produce.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Thriving Lawyers exists to help counteract these influences. Through the application of thriving techniques, lawyers can meet the unique challenges of law in ways that allow them to both make a more significant contribution to society and be happier, more productive, and more successful. The techniques of positive psychology offer practical steps for improving well-being and productivity. Sign up for our newsletter for monthly updates, and visit our site often for the latest news. And be sure to check out the Thriving Lawyers Institute, our online learning center, for a variety of practical and useful courses. Read More...

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