get involved

How can you start applying thriving techniques to your daily life? It takes involvement and engagement. Here are some ways to start.

  • Improve your own well-being. A new approach to your career can be more rewarding both professionally and personally. Some CLE programs around the country now help lawyers find ways to better engage their strengths so as to improve their performance, the culture of their firms, and even their personal relationships. The Thriving Lawyers Institute offers a series of online courses and resources to help you in this journey. These courses qualify for CLE credit in many states, so be sure to check it out!
  • Assess the leadership characteristics of your organization. Is motivation supplied mainly by rewards (salary, partnership, etc.) or punishments? Or, are leaders in your organization also listening to those they lead, taking their subordinates’ views into account, and providing a reasonable range of choices? The latter approach will generally produce higher levels of commitment, engagement, collegiality, professionalism and, yes, performance.
  • Take a leadership role in your firm. What if your firm included lawyer and staff satisfaction at work, passion for what they do, and general well-being in the measures used to manage the firm? Would this improve client representation? How can you help young lawyers, those transitioning mid-life, and those in the latter stages of their careers to find fulfilling ways to navigate the challenges they face? Would a mentoring program succeed at your firm?
  • Take a leadership role in the profession. Lawyers help solve the toughest problems our society generates. As lawyers, we need to help our profession increase its capacity to solve problems in fair, efficient, and enabling ways. Are you willing to step out and lead in areas of attorney well-being in the profession as a whole? Who might be interested in working with you on that?
  • Subscribe to Thriving Lawyer News. This monthly email bulletin offers ways to build the personal thriving for you and the lawyers in your firm, along with tips on how thriving can translate to more rewarding legal practices. We also highlight actions by the organized bars and law schools across the country which help to enhance the performance of law for society by improving the thriving of lawyers.